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Measuring Guide

Measuring Guide - Blinds West Midlands, Staffordshire, UK

Measuring For Blinds Guide

How good the blinds will ultimately look depends on the accuracy of the measurements taken.

How to measure for:

Venetian Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Roller Blinds

Roman Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Perfect Fit Blinds

Measuring for Window Blinds

Essentially the base element to taking your window recess measurement is that we will supply your blind with the necessary fitting allowances and hardware tolerances made by us. Unfortunately the majority of the 40% Customer mismeasures that we encounter is where tolerance assumptions are made by the person measuring and over or under measurements are presented with amounts taken off or added that have no relation to the type of end product. This is why we ask you to provide the recess measurement rather than a finished size as we cannot expect a customer to know the technical specifications of component sizes and allowances to fit.

The recess size is a measurement of the aperture to which your blind needs fitting, so on a standard window it will be the narrowest point of plaster to plaster (width), sill to plaster (drop). If an outside recess fit is required then you will need to provide measurements for the area that the blind needs to cover as a 'recess' measurement, this may need to include the allowance deduction that we make in manufacturing (see appropriate information guide for your chosen blind type) so that the ultimate blind size is exact. Complications arise when Customers ask us to make a blind to a finished size as their is no room to manouvre for fitting or in the case of rollers the fabric dimension is less than the hardware at the top. Either way it is not possible for a Customer to make tolerance allowances without knowing the hardware specifications.

When more complex situations occur, such as bays, curved windows, boxed windows, conservatory, roof etc. a whole host of new complications are introduced as their is no way a Customer should be expected to know what judgements to make. This is especially so with situations where blinds need to be butted together or overlapped. Unfortunately it is only possible to provide the measurement guides for standard windows, any other type of application requires in depth knowledge of fitting, practicality, product design and simply whether or not it is possible to do!

Please bear in mind that we are here to offer help and advice and anyone contemplating a DIY approach is always welcome to pay us a visit to visually prepare themselves to do the job, all hardware and brackets are available to appreciate in operation and all staff are full time professionals within the trade.

So, with 20 years of experience, we know that the following list of common mistakes can be avoided and money saved along the way.

- Make allowance for the protrusion of window and door handles which will determine where the chosen blind type can be sited.
- Inward opening windows and doors need sufficient clearance space for both the blind and, in many instances, for the window/door to operate.
- Although we ask for measurement in millimetres we still operate imperial as well but please ensure that all measurement are made with a steel tape not fabric tapes or approximates based on window frame size or even widths in curtains that are present! If in doubt cut a piece of string to the width and drop of the window as a template and either send it to us or bring it to the showroom.
- For the sake of a quick visit to our factory showroom you can pick up an actual fitting bracket, fabric sample, component and section of rail free of charge which will aid the measuring process plus go away with the required technical know how that will prevent expensive or unsightly mistakes being made.

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