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Unique One Price Policy

Abbey Blinds - unique one price policy

One Price Policy

Totally unique to Abbey Blinds our 'one price policy' ensures that you will be offered the best price at the outset. No gimmicks or misleading offers, just low prices.

Take advantage of our FREE 'at home' measure or 'supply only' delivery service available to all Customer's within the following post code areas:


Our unique all blinds 'One Low Price Policy'

"Regardless of what blind type, fabric or colour choice made we offer our blinds based purely on window and unit size. The price itself then reflects our best available factory direct, trade price and is further subject to a volume discount based on 2 or more units."

Because our One Price Policy is so unique in concept and unequalled in practice you will probably not find another company in any industry, not just the window blind trade, actively using such a novel and innovative method for selling a product. Reasons why our competitors do not do this are twofold; either they do not manufacture the full range of blinds (which is the case 95% of the time) or profit margin over Customer is the major consideration (which is the case pretty well all of the time) and even both of these factors more often than not.

However our take is totally Customer and not profit orientated. We believe that it is our duty to provide the Customer with the solution to their requirements and not merely flog them the product that earns us more profit. We feel that it is a lot more satisfying to both parties when we are able to suggest a remedy knowing that it is the most practical solution without any price hike or adjustment attached. Equally the Customer can then make a purchase with the knowledge that they are not having to restrict choice based on budget and without being sold something that may not fit the purpose. We are quite happy to reduce our profit margin in order to let a Customer have what they want and more importantly, need.

Our price is based on the budget 'A' price range that our competitors use in their advertising 'offers' and that is where it stays for all fabrics, colours and blinds that we offer across the whole of our measure and fit service. This low price is what everybody shares, even trade customers, with the only optional extra being the trims and finishes available on roller blinds.

As an example if a Customer requires a blind fitting to a kitchen door and due to opening recess restrictions a standard roller, venetian or pleated cannot be fitted we will suggest a perfect fit blind which is the same type of blind enclosed in a cassette fitted flush to the door itself - no extra. Or say a blackout fabric is required in a situation where no other fabric will do, again no extra. Basically the low price is attached to the size of the blind required not the type or fabric/colour choice.

We even extend this one price policy to our online range where all fabrics and colours are availabe at one ultra low supply only price across the whole of a blinds range.

Many Customer's ask us why we do this and ultimately what the catch is. Within the answers are secret ingredients that competitors could not possibly replicate, as many have tried over the years and always failed miserably, but which we would not wish to share anyway, on the main the reasons for being able to offer this policy are quite simply explained. Being one of a small band of true window blind manufacturers dealing direct to the public we are in a commanding 'buyer' position which we are happy to share with the Customer. Together with the fact that we do not toe the line that just because something appears more expensive and therefore can be offered as an extra does not mean that we have to do just that. So essentially the answer is simply put - We are not greedy and just because we can, no catch.

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The only retailer locally to manufacture the full range of window blinds inhouse and dealing direct to the public, including venetian blinds, roman blinds, conservatory blinds, commercial blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, perfect fit blinds, pleated blinds. One price policy is available in the postcode areas of Walsall (WS), Wolverhampton (WV), Dudley (DY), Birmingham (B), Staffordshire (ST), West Midlands Blinds