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Conservatory Blinds

Technically all types of blinds can be fitted to a conservatory, the tendency is an association with pleated/cellular types of coverings but strictly speaking all and everything will be equally at home and look good.

Whatever the conservatory style, size or shape we will find a blind that’s exactly right for you needs. With literally thousands of designs and colours to choose from, including innovative features to help keep you comfortable all year round. From reflective fabrics to help you stay cool in the hottest of south facing 'greenhouses' to thermal effect blinds for chilly rooms and the cooler seasons. Thermal blinds feature honeycomb cellular fabrics that actively reduce heat loss in winter and deflect heat gain in summer.

Then of course we have all options open to suit should your conservatory be overlooked and privacy is required. So whether you’re looking for a blind for an orangery, a spacious conservatory, or even a compact lean-to - we can help.